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Obama criticizes trump: it shows arrogance and ignorance in politics

President Barack Obama spoke on the sidelines of the G7 summit, taking place these days in Japan, regarding Donald trump, noting that world leaders have every reason to be «shocked» by the arrogance and ignorance of the candidate for the post of head of the White house from Republicans and puzzled about his nomination.

About it writes on Thursday, may 26, the news service of the BBC.

«They have not yet decided whether to take seriously his statements, but shocked by them – which is not surprising. Most of trump’s statements demonstrate either arrogance, or a complete ignorance of international politics», – leads edition of the words of Obama.

The BBC cites a number of statements odious candidate that led world leaders into confusion:

«China is raping the US of its economic policy» (may 2016);
«Relations with Russia and China can only be improved from a position of strength» (April 2016);
«China in the role of a member of the world trade organization is a complete disaster for the United States, as well as the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico (April 2016);
«We cannot allow Iran to become the owner of nuclear weapons» (April 2016);
«U.S. allies have our military support, but do not pay their
fair share, especially the Asian countries of NATO (April 2016);
South Korea and Japan should have its own nuclear Arsenal (April 2016);
«The Americans have no choice but to deploy 20.000-30.000 military contingent in Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS» (March 2016);

The US should consider the option to withdraw its troops from Japan and South Korea, if these countries won’t pay more» (March 2016);
«The United States needs to stop buying oil from Saudi if Riyadh did not send troops to fight ISIS» (March 2016).

«The only thing that interests trump is the headlines and «likes» in social networks, at that time, as a policy, you should think about how to make America stronger, more secure and prosperous, and the world is stable,» – said Obama.

On the eve of in fact already the uncontested candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump has won primaries in Washington state. After this victory, trump scored 1.229 electoral votes, and he left only 8 votes before the formal nomination.

Provisional General result of the votes of the electors of the Republican party for the nomination for Congress needs 1.237 votes). Ted Cruz, John Kasich and other applicants previously refused to fight.

The situation for electoral votes, the Democratic party currently is (for nomination need 2.383 votes): Hillary Clinton – 2.291, Bernie Sanders – 1.528.

The official candidate to head the White house from the Republicans will be named at the party Congress 18-21 July this year in Cleveland (Ohio), the democratic candidate is at a similar forum, July 25-28 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania).

Obama criticizes trump: it shows arrogance and ignorance in politics 26.05.2016

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