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Obama urged the nation to unite after the presidential election

US President Barack Obama his last as head of the state speech on Veterans Day, urged Americans to maintain unity after the presidential election.

He urged all citizens to take an example from the veterans and learn to keep the unity even after the most acute political disputes. Obama stressed that the American nation is strong including its variety, told the Fox News channel.

After winning Donald trump on the election of the President of the United States in some cities began demonstrations, degenerating into riots.

Obama, who opposed the Republican candidate before the election, has already met with trump in the White house. After the meeting, the acting President said that the conversation with the successor was «excellent» and noted that the main priority of his administration will be for the next two months the task «to facilitate» the process of transfer of power.

Soon Obama will go to a six-day overseas tour, considered a part of his farewell to the leaders of foreign States. By estimations of analysts, the President will be asking about the intentions of his successor in the White house.

Obama urged the nation to unite after the presidential election 12.11.2016

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