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Obama’s speech: a ground operation against ISIS will not be

On Sunday evening, December 6, U.S. President Barack Obama, in his extraordinary address to the American people from the Oval office tried to reassure Americans shaken by the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, but stressed that excludes ground operation against «Islamic state».

Obama devoted most of his 14-minute speech the protection of the existing tactics of air strikes on positions of the IG in Syria and Iraq, announcing the introduction of new ways of dealing with Japan, USA and the middle East, despite harsh criticism from Republicans, who were convinced that the American President is underestimating the threat posed by «Islamic state».

«We will not allow itself to be drawn into lengthy and expensive ground war in Iraq and Syria. Want groups like ISIS,» he said and explained that the ground operation would lead to heavy casualties among American troops and to a further radicalisation of the local population.

The US President used his address to once again emphasize that at the moment potential terrorists too easy to acquire weapons. Obama insisted that Congress made to the proposals on the ban on purchase of firearms by persons suspected of terrorism, are essential to national security.

Obama also cautioned Americans to call this war «the war between America and Islam», stressing that American Muslims are full citizens of the United States.

The US President made an address to the nation four days after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, which killed 14 people.

This was the third time for the presidency Obama’s address from the Oval office – this step is taken only in case of events of national importance.

Obama’s speech: a ground operation against ISIS will not be 07.12.2015

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