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Obama’s visit to the mosque is not impressed many Muslims, «Too late»

Tuesday, February 3, U.S. President Barack Obama visited the main mosque in Baltimore. This visit, taken in the context of developing interfaith dialogue, was the first appearance of President Obama at Muslim religious center in America.

Before visiting the mosque, Obama held a private meeting with Muslim community leaders of America.

Obama’s visit to the mosque is today one of the most talked-about events in the media.

The American President criticized anti-Islamic statements made by some candidates for the post of presidential candidates from the Republican party, stressing that it is «unforgivable political rhetoric directed against the Americans-Muslims,» reports CNN.

«We are at a dangerous time. Muslims, like other citizens, are concerned about the threat of terror, but many of them feel second-class citizens. Your community was under attack due to the fact that terror is often not separated from Islam. Sounded cruel words that have no place in our country», – quotes the President of the United States edition of US Today.

«You are part of America, – Obama said. You – not the Muslims or the Americans. You are Muslims and Americans.»

However, Barack Obama has called on the Muslims of America to work together against extremism and terrorism, stressing that religious leaders have no right to support the rhetoric of terrorists.

The US President expressed concern about the fact that many young Muslim-Americans are leaving the country due to growing Islamophobia.

Obama talked about the history of Islam in America, on the contribution of Muslims in development of the country and urged journalists to pay more attention to show the Muslim community in positive terms.

Commenting on the rumors that he received a Muslim upbringing and Muslim, Barack Obama recalled that 200 years ago, similar rumors circulated about the U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, who studied the Quran and had ties with the Muslim community. «I’m not the first. And I’m in good company,» said Obama.

As noted by Time, many Muslims were not impressed by Obama’s visit to the mosque and his speeches. They accuse the President of hypocrisy and holding «anti-Islamic» policies. Twitter comments like that are United by the hashtag #TooLateObama (too late, Obama).

Obama’s visit to the mosque is not impressed many Muslims, «Too late» 04.02.2016

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