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Oberland ready to grant citizenship to thousands of Israelis

2,5 thousands of Israelis have expressed their desire to obtain citizenship of the self-proclaimed state of Oberland. The head of the unrecognized state of Vit Edlichka in an interview with the Israeli newspaper «Israel a-Yom» reported that the government is ready to grant the request about 1,000 Israelis.

Oberland located on 7 square miles of neutral territory free of a common border between Croatia and Serbia. And Serbia and Croatia consider this land as their. Vit Edlichka announced the creation of States in April 2015. To date, no country recognized the state, but Edlichka hand out citizenship and hopes that with the acquiescence of Donald trump microstate will achieve official recognition.

Vit Edlichka in an interview with «Israel a-Yom» comments positively about Israel, and also claims that the Jews show solidarity with the people of his country, as they have similar historical experience.

Vit Jedlička says that in his country citizens will pay taxes voluntarily, as much as they consider necessary, they will also be able to determine which objectives should be spent making them money. Thus, tax revenues should be around 3% of GDP.

The source of the Israeli newspaper calls his country’s high-tech and claims that the country owns 25% of the entire cryptocurrency in the world.

On the question of how the government is going to fight crime, the President said that the Penal code contains provisions relating to light of crimes. He suggested that in the country there will be several small prisons. And serious crimes are investigated by law enforcement agencies of other countries, hired for outsourcing. Criminals will be given a chance to compensate for the damage caused.

Speaking about how the government of Oberland going to fight extremism, Vit Edlichka stated that citizenship will be granted only to people who respect their political and religious beliefs of other people.

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Oberland ready to grant citizenship to thousands of Israelis 03.08.2017

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