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Observers: Russian military aircraft for the second time violated the air border of Israel

On Sunday morning, February 7, Daniel Nisman of the Levantine Group that monitors events in the middle East, in the Twitter reported that a Russian military aircraft, operating over the southern region of Syria, has violated the air border of Israel. According to the report, this was the second known such violation.

Nisman writes about the fighter, but what kind of plane it is, the report does not say. Where exactly was the foul, not said.

The information is specified.

Official sources do not comment on the incident.

— Where does «reliable information» on Syria. Interview with analyst for Levantine Group

Recall that in November last year, Israeli defense Minister Moshe ya’alon for the first time confirmed the fact that Russian military aircraft intruded into the airspace of Israel, noting that it had no serious consequences. According to the head of the Israeli Ministry of defense, one of the aircraft flew into Israeli air space at about 1 mile from the border with Syria in the Golan heights, with the pilot radioed in, and the aircraft returned to Syria. The date of the incident, ya’alon did not call.

A statement by ya’alon came on air of the state radio station «Sieves Beth» shortly after the head of a military-political staff at the Ministry of defence the General-the major of a stock Amos Gilad, speaking at the event «Shabatot» in Beersheba, said that «aircraft of the Russian air force from time to time penetrate Israeli air space». Gilad explained that «through coordination, agreement on which was reached at the meeting between Netanyahu and Putin, as well as due to agreements between commanders of the two armies, in such cases, the situation is not exacerbated». «Each side knows how to behave in such a situation,» said then Amos Gilad. According to Gilad, «the agreement between our countries also provide for the freedom of action of the Israeli air force to prevent the transfer of weapons from Iran to Hezbollah».

Levantine Group, specializing in security issues in the Middle East and North Africa, is one of the main suppliers of information about events in the area of the Syrian conflict. Last fall this group analyst Michael Horowitz in an interview with explained that when monitoring events are based on Twitter, the Syrian journalists, as well as such organizations as the «Civil defense of Syria» (Syria Civil Defence). In addition, monitoring of the accounts of such Islamist groups as the «Army of Islam», as well as statements of official government sources. This information is regularly cross-checked for authenticity.

Observers: Russian military aircraft for the second time violated the air border of Israel 07.02.2016

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