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OECD report: Israel the second place in the rate of growth of teachers ‘ salaries

On Tuesday, September 12, the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) has published a comparative report on the state of the education systems of the countries belonging to the organization.

According to this document, containing the data for the years 2014-2017, the state of the education system in our country has improved in several indicators. The change is especially noticeable in the area of teacher salaries. The report says that among OECD countries Israel ranks second in the rate of increase of salaries of teachers in kindergartens and primary schools.

So, teachers ‘ salaries in the sphere of preschool education in Israel rose by 38% and primary school teachers – 25%. In OECD countries, these figures amount to an average of 7% and 4%. Also, according to the report, the hourly wage of a teacher in Israel 12-45% more than in the OECD countries.

Israel is in second place in the rate of growth of expenditure on education is 26% compared with 4% on average in the OECD countries. However, the spending per student in Israel is lower than in the OECD. They average 7.8 thousand dollars per year.

Expenditure on education in Israel amount to 6.6% of GDP. In the OECD countries – an average of 5.8%. However, in Israel, more students in classes – an average of 26.8 in the time, as in the OECD countries at 21.1.

The report showed that in Israel, more young teachers. 50% of teachers in our country are younger than 39 years. IN THE OECD – 40%. The average age of Israeli teachers in primary schools is 40.6 years, the OECD – 43,2 years.

Israel’s population is one of the most educated in the world. 49.9% of Israelis have higher education, among the residents of OECD countries was 35.5% on average.

OECD report: Israel the second place in the rate of growth of teachers ‘ salaries 12.09.2017

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