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Of sexual offenses in Israel: how not to fall into the trap? The advice of a lawyer

Sexual offenses are considered very serious from the point of view of Israeli law and incur severe penalties — imprisonment from 3 to 20 years. However, almost daily, the court considered a new case on charges of sexual harassment or rape. What has caused this situation? Try to consider the situation from different angles.

First and foremost, it should be noted that the culture of interpersonal relations in Israel is not always at the proper level, many participants are not familiar with the peculiarities of local legislation. In addition, often people come to a country with an already established mentality, traditions, customs and behave as it used to — which often does not meet the letter of the law.

It is important to know that absolutely any activity associated with forced sexual intercourse — sexual harassment, physical or emotional influence, intimidation in order to achieve the desired or persuasion may entail a criminal case. Such actions committed against their relatives who are negatively circumstance and automatically increase the sentence.

On the one hand, victims who are accustomed to the connivance of state services in this matter in the country of origin, are not always aware that in Israel, they can file a complaint with the police and stop the violence. Furthermore, people subjected to sexual violence (regardless of gender or sexual orientation) may require not only punishment in the form of detention, but also redress with monetary compensation.

On the other hand, many defendants, believing that they have not committed anything wrong, are more seriously to such charges, considering the institution of criminal proceedings by accident and error, and you get real prison terms. It is also important to know that Israeli lawyers are often confronted with false accusations in order to manipulate or need to obtain from the defendant perform any action (for example, complex divorce, division of property, etc.).

Also be aware that, if we are talking about crime committed against women, the Israeli police is always automatically on the side of the Prosecutor, often seriously complicating the ability to protect the accused. In such cases, to prove the illegality of the prosecution, the lawyer has to carry out some careful investigation, to study the characteristics of victims and much more.

So, if you are the victim of sexual harassment or, on the contrary, I learned that you filed a complaint with the police, you should consult with a competent criminal defense attorney and develop a further plan of action. Remember that competent legal support largely determines the outcome of the case.

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Of sexual offenses in Israel: how not to fall into the trap? The advice of a lawyer 10.07.2017

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