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Of the Russian Federation confirmed that the Russian UAV infiltrated from Syria into Israeli airspace

The authorities of the Russian Federation confirmed that the unmanned plane that July 17 has penetrated into Israeli airspace from Syria, near the Golan heights, belonged to the Russian army, writes in «Haaretz» Barak Ravid.

The Russian authorities emphasize that we are not talking about a deliberate violation of the air border of Israel, and the error of the operator operating the UAV.

This incident was discussed on July 23 in a telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, writes, «Haaretz», citing a senior official in Jerusalem.

The press service of the Kremlin reported about this conversation, not to mention about the UAV. In an official notification it was said that in the course of the conversation, which took place at the initiative of the Israeli side, «the sides discussed issues of Russian-Israeli cooperation in countering the terrorist threat in the middle East».

Ravid notes that the 31 July meeting with political commentators, Netanyahu refused to answer questions associated with the penetration of an unmanned aircraft from Syria.

A description of the incident

17 July 2016, 17:04 in several settlements located on the Golan heights, sounded the siren warning of rocket attack. Later it became known that the cause of alarm was the invasion of Israeli airspace an unmanned aircraft. Immediately after system sirens «tsewang Hell» sounded in Northern Israel, the radio station «Reshet bet» was told that the alarm is not associated with the outbreak on 17 July a three-day IDF exercises in the Golan heights. Residents of settlements in the district of Safed, said that they witnessed the rocket launch air defense system, located in the area. Press service of the IDF reported that it launched two missiles with the Patriot air defense system in the direction of unmanned aerial vehicle infiltrated Israeli airspace from Syria. The report said that there were defeat the purpose. It was also reported that the UAV has returned to the territory of Syria.

After 5 hours, was published the first results of the investigation of the incident. Press service of the IDF reported that IDF air force conducted surveillance of the object before he invaded Israeli airspace. After crossing the air border were three attempts to shoot it down, but none of them was successful.

Fragments of one of the missiles fired by the Patriot air defense system in the direction of the drone invading the airspace of Israel, fell in kibbutz Ayelet and Shahar in the Upper Galilee. 14-year-old girl was slightly injured in the leg by rocket shrapnel. Guide accompanying a group of schoolchildren during a tour in Upper Galilee, brought the girl to the emergency Department of the hospital «Ziv», Safed.

19 July to the Second channel ITV, citing army sources reported that the air border of Israel, apparently violated Russian UAV «Outpost» – the twin of the Israeli IAI Searcher Mk II assembled at the Ural license for the Ministry of defense of Russia.

It was found that the control of UAV intruder was carried out from the point, located 24 km North of the border with Israel.

In air space of Syria in the autumn of last year there are dozens of drone produced in Russia. Among other Russian military use in Syria UAV «Outpost».

The penetration of an unmanned drone from Syria into Israeli airspace and failed actions of the Israeli defense forces began a few weeks ago one of the main topics discussed not only the Israeli but also Arab and Iranian media.

Official Damascus has not made any statements about the incident.

The leading Russian specialist in the field of unmanned aircraft, the chief editor of the site Denis Fedutinov thinks that initially the Israeli military had reason to believe that the violation of the airspace made Iranian drone, but eventually he was shot down not because the IDF is unable to destroy the objective, but because the device was identified as «friendly».

Violations of air borders of Israel over recent years

17 July 2016, the Russian drone from Syria infiltrated Israeli airspace. It opened fire. After that, the UAV returned to Syrian territory.

7 Feb 2016 Daniel Nisman of the Levantine Group, which monitors events in the middle East, in his Twitter said that a Russian military aircraft, operating over the southern region of Syria, has violated the air border of Israel. Army this information is not commented.

In November 2015, Moshe ya’alon, who was then the Minister of defense of Israel, for the first time confirmed the fact of Russian military aircraft invaded Israeli airspace (in the autumn of the same year), noting that this had serious consequences.

In December 2014 a combat aircraft of the Israeli air force was alerted after radar pointed at the approaching Israeli border from Syria unmanned aircraft. Then the drone approached Israeli territory near the borders with Syria and Lebanon, and turned, after which it was decided not to shoot him.

31 Aug 2014 the Patriot battery in the area of Quneitra, on the border with Syria, was hit by a multi-purpose drone «Yasir» is of Iranian origin. Then it was reported that drones of this type used by the Syrian army and Hizbullah.

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Of the Russian Federation confirmed that the Russian UAV infiltrated from Syria into Israeli airspace 07.08.2016

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