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«Officers missed the mistresses queue». Review of Russian media

In the night of Thursday the Israeli air force attacked the positions of Syrian government forces in the Western part of the country. The victims of the airstrike were two soldiers, writes Pro-Kremlin «Russian newspaper».

Syrian officials said the attack was carried out near the town of Masyaf, near the Mediterranean coast. In this regard, Israel was warned about the dangerous consequences of hostile actions that violate the security and stability in the region. The blow was no one on the research object, officials in Israel, this information does not comment, says in this article.

«North Korea» is the title of an article in the newspaper «Kommersant», which tells about the meeting of Vladimir Putin and moon Jae-Inna, held on the island of Russian in 123 kilometers from the border of the DPRK.

Korean President, according to the newspaper, agreed with a sensational proposal of the Russian colleagues as much as possible to develop trilateral relations between Russia, South Korea and North Korea to avert the threat of a new world war, and also visited the exhibition called «Street of the Far East».

Another article published by this newspaper, called «the Officers missed the mistresses queue». It is reported that the Moscow garrison military court has put an end to the case of the theft of 76 apartments from the defense Ministry.

As a result of fraud, the organizer of which were former head of the Central housing Commission of the military Department Andrey Belousov, the apartment is waiting-military personnel judges, law enforcement officers and their mistresses.

«Poroshenko told about the plans to move the border of European Union» is the title of an article in «Nezavisimaya Gazeta», which says that the Ukrainian leader believes that Moscow is ready to withdraw from the Donbas and Crimea, and intends to actively pursue the strengthening and deepening of sanctions against Russia.

Poroshenko said that Russia under the guise of the Russian-Belarusian military exercises «West-2017» creates a strike team to attack Ukraine. He claims that 7,000 platforms with soldiers and equipment closer to the Ukrainian border. Against this background, em Kiev intends to join the customs, energy Union, joint aviation area and other EU projects that will allow Ukraine to actually move the border up to the official introduction. «Krajina will sectoral integrated into Europe, and the membership becomes just a formality» – said Poroshenko, not excluding the possibility of holding a referendum on the country’s accession to PATO.

Vladimir Putin and Shinzo Abe discussed the question of a peace Treaty and joint activities in the Southern Kurils. The meeting of the two leaders was held in the framework of the Eastern economic forum, which takes place these days in Vladivostok, the newspaper «Izvestia»

«Of course, touched upon the issue of a peace Treaty, discussed the possibilities of fostering joint economic activities on Southern Kuriles,» said Vladimir Putin after talks.

As the situation on the Korean Peninsula is heating up increasingly in the U.S. there are calls to eliminate the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN. In this regard, the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» published a historical reference, which describes an unsuccessful attempt to eliminate the three North Korean leaders.

Today, the strike is already the third representative of the ruling family, Kim Jong UN, which every year becomes more and more dangerous to its neighbors. As reported in this article with reference to Japanese media reports, in late 2015, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye signed a secret decree authorizing the elimination of the leader of the DPRK and the development of an appropriate plan. The emphasis was on the preparation of accident – a train wreck, traffic accident or crash boat during water skiing.

«Officers missed the mistresses queue». Review of Russian media

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