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Oleg Petrov, head of the Latvian Islamic centre, fled to the jihadists

Law enforcement bodies of Latvia has launched a criminal investigation against Oleg Petrov, who several months ago was headed by the Latvian cultural center of Islam.

Currently, he published on the Internet the video is in Syria or Iraq to join terrorists-Islamists and praises the path of Jihad, understanding it as an armed struggle against «infidels».

Representatives of the Muslim community of Latvia said that they feel betrayed, according to the Latvian news Agency Delfi referring to the program «Anything personal» (More personīga) TV3 channel.

Petrov converted to Islam and became a respected figure among Muslims of Latvia and is the sole representative of the country, which took place 6 years learning from the scholars of Saudi Arabia. He regularly appeared in the media, and has lectured at universities in rēzekne, Daugavpils and Riga, urging students to study the Quran.

The new head of the cultural center of Islam Janis Lutins promised that the video lectures Petrov will be removed from the Internet. «First, we any person appreciate the positive. We trust. We don’t know what is hidden in this man, how he thinks, what his ideas are. When Peter was with us, we saw nothing special, nothing wrong with it,» he said.

Oleg Petrov, head of the Latvian Islamic centre, fled to the jihadists 01.03.2016

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