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Olmert against prosecution: «I am ashamed that you are doing me a traitor»

Monday, June 19, Israeli media to publish details of the meetings of the Commission for the release in the Management of prisons, discussed the request of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on parole.

The Commission meeting lasted more than six hours. Lawyers for former Prime Minister Eli Zohar, RAM Kaspi and Shani Ilus expounded the arguments in favor of reducing the sentence of their client, citing the impeccable behavior of Olmert in prison, and his service to the country.

Then the Prosecutor Orly Lev-Ari explained why she opposes parole Olmert. The main argument of the prosecution is the fact that at the moment is checking a new suspicion, according to which the former head of the government were in possession of secret documents used in the writing of the book and tried to pass them outside the walls of prison through his lawyer.

Writes Alon Hachmon in the newspaper «Maariv a-Shavua», Olmert was interrupted by the intervention of the representative of the Prosecutor’s office with the words: «I am ashamed that you turn me into a traitor.» According to some media reports, in the eyes of the former Prime Minister had tears.

Olmert explained that this is an error, not a deliberate intention to break the law. He took responsibility for the incident, explaining that the lawyer did not know about the secrecy of documents which are handed down outside of prison.

According to Olmert, this error should not damage his chances of getting parole.

As previously reported, the parole Board will announce its decision on June 29.

On 17 June, the leadership of the Union of journalists of Israel asked the legal adviser to the government of Avihay Mandelblit and state Prosecutor Shai Nitzan to the demanding clarification about whether the search in the publishing house «Yediot sfarim» and the confiscation of the manuscripts of the books of Olmert, former defense Minister Moshe ya’alon and journalist Ben Caspit.

In response, the Ministry of justice stated that all materials that are not related to the investigation of suspicions against Ehud Olmert will be returned. «The public Prosecutor with the consent of the legal adviser of the government ordered the police to conduct a thorough review of the suspicion in committing a prisoner Ehud Olmert criminal offences, – stated in the comments of the Ministry of justice. The suspicion is that Olmert gave an excerpt of his book to unauthorized persons outside the prison. This was done contrary to the law and in violation of previously obtained Olmert warnings. The leak could have serious consequences for the security of the state».

The Ministry of justice explained that the search in the publishing house was made on the basis of a warrant issued by the court. «The request for the search warrant was sent to court after thorough discussion of possible ways of investigation. The discussion was attended by representatives of all the relevant structures, and the search was carried out with the participation of heads of publishing houses,» – said in a statement, the Ministry of justice. According to the portal Walla, the security service of the Ministry of defence (MALAB) argues that the decision to search in the publishing house was taken without the participation of its representatives. In the good state’s attorney rejected that assertion.

Many commentators sharply criticized law enforcement bodies for the decision to RAID the publisher and withdraw the manuscript. Shalom Yerushalmi writes on the NRG website that the Prosecutor’s office settles scores with former Prime Minister. «Olmert is a corrupt person, but in any case not a traitor. With all due respect to the explanations of the Prosecutor General is hard to imagine that Olmert deliberately harm the security of the country he ruled,» he says. Note that Shalom Yerushalmi for many years was one of the sharpest critics of Ehud Olmert.

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Olmert against prosecution: «I am ashamed that you are doing me a traitor» 19.06.2017

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