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On 22 March due to the strike will be cancelled driving tests

A working Committee of examiners of the Ministry of transport has decided to tighten sanctions strike. Tuesday, 22 March, driving tests will not be conducted in any of settlements of the country.

The examiner announced the beginning of the strike sanctions on March 17 after the Ministry of transport has published the tender for carrying out of practical driving tests («test»). The tender was published as part of the reform of the Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz in the sphere of passing the practical driving tests.

The two companies, which will win the tender, will be required to provide future drivers with a high level of service. Anyone who is preparing to become a driver can pass his first test in three days since the recording of the exam, followed within 7-14 business days. Today, the wait is three to four months.

When the Ministry of transport planned to create special Department which will supervise the work of driving examiners. Dozens of inspectors in real time will monitor the accuracy of the examination and the estimation accuracy of the driving test taker in real time.

At the moment the Ministry is developing a special technology, which will be based the system of passing the practical exams. It will be able to use both at the time of examinations and after, driving instructors, test takers, driving schools, and also workers of the Ministry of transport. The system has become a convenient tool and to provide transparency in the delivery of practical driving tests.

Using the system will be implemented on the entry exams, be traced the fact of payment of duty on the exam, when the result of the exam. The invitation for the exam will be made through the Internet website of the company. It will be possible after passing the internal driving school exam. Distribution of examiners on the examinations will be made automatically as well. About where to take the test, the driving test examiner will find out shortly before it started.

In the car, which will pass the exams, you will get the system recording ( including conversation recording), GPS navigation system for tracking the route and duration of the test. Video recording will be sent to your personal computer or tablet the examiner. At the end of the exam, the examiner will have to fill out a computerized form and a final evaluation will count computer. The system will give the result of passing or failing the exam the driving instructor and the examinee. They, in turn, will be able to view video from the exam, and if you disagree with the results, appeal. On appeal, the participation of a representative of the company, taking exams, and inspectors of the Ministry of transport, will be considered the video. All these steps are aimed at optimizing the operation of the system, to strengthen monitoring of conduct of examinations. Assessment of the examinee will be based on a clear system of criteria that will allow for the most unbiased results.

Note that in recent years there has been a tendency of growth of number wishing to pass the exam and get a driver’s license. This is due both to population growth and the decline in the minimum age for passing the «test». New examination system will save future drivers hundreds of shekels, since they do not have to take additional driving lessons to prepare for re-examination, as it is today.

On 22 March due to the strike will be cancelled driving tests 21.03.2016

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