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On Board the crashed Airbus EgyptAir was the inscription: «We just took the plane»

Two years ago on Board the Airbus A320-232 airline EgyptAir, which crashed on 19 may during the execution of the flight MS804 Paris-Cairo, vandals scratched the Arabic words: «We just took the plane.» According to The New York Times, this inscription apparently by employees of airport Cairo – supporters of «Muslim brotherhood», and not painted over.

The publication also notes that the company EgyptAir still did not give explanations about why on Board the crashed plane were three members of the security services, although usually on such flights to no more than two air marshals.

On Saturday, many media reported the discovery of «black boxes» of the crashed plane. However, the company EgyptAir has not confirmed this information and do not comment.

Shortly before the crash of the Airbus A320-232 airline EgyptAir, flying from Paris to Cairo over the Mediterranean sea, in one of the toilet room triggered the emergency alarm to alert you to smoke, reports CNN. Information about smoke was obtained terrestrial services using the ACARS system (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System). The same system gave information about how unusually hot the glass window in the cockpit, shift the window in the cockpit, smoke in the instrument compartment under the cockpit, as well as information about problems with the autopilot and flight controller system. However, it is unclear what caused these problems. Speech can go as about the technical neispravnosti, and about the consequences of someone’s malicious actions.

Previously, the airline EgyptAir has confirmed that 295 km North from the coast of Alexandria, the Egyptian military discovered parts of the aircraft A320. There were also information about the discovery of human remains.

The crash of the Airbus A320-232 airline EgyptAir in the Mediterranean remains the main news discussed by the media. There are three versions: a terrorist attack using a bomb on Board (which could carry one passenger, technical worker, security officer or crew member), a technical malfunction or pilot error.

Basic is a version of the attack, since we are talking about a flight that operated only 13 years old, and he recently passed technical inspection. The civil aviation authority of Egypt reported that the plane flown by experienced pilots: commander of the crew had experience of aircraft control during 6.275 hours (including 2.101 hour on the A320), the co-pilot flew 2.766 hours.

Earlier it was reported that residents of the Greek island of Karpathos, near which the plane crashed, watched in the early morning of 19 may «fireball» in the sky.

To the version of the attack tend the intelligence agencies of France, Russia, USA, Canada, UK and several other countries. In Cairo say that until the investigation is completed to talk about the attack sooner. However, the Minister of civil aviation Egyptian Sharif Fathi on may 19 declared that is inclined to the version about the attack.

Due to the fact that the EgyptAir plane crash with a high probability could be the result of an explosion on Board, security measures are strengthened not only at the airport named after Charles de Gaulle in Paris and at the international airport of Cairo, but also in many other airports around the world, including in America and Russia.

In Arab media, in particular on the website Maan, 19-20 may, it was reported that «Islamic state» have allegedly claimed responsibility for the attack. But the Arabic edition was referred to the Russian TV channel «Zvezda» published this information in the evening of 19 may. The website notes that on forums u really expressed joy at the «exploded plane». But other evidence on the responsibility of ISIS for the attack, in addition to reports of TV channel «Zvezda, no. The website writes that the organization of the terrorist act, most likely, is the organization «Muslim brotherhood».

On the night of 20 may was first refuted, and then officially confirmed information about the discovery of the wreckage of the A320 off the coast of Greece: two plastic fragment of aircraft skin, white and red colors were found to the South of the coast of Karpathos.

Search for other aircraft wreckage continues. In the search operation busy planes and ships of Greece, France and Turkey. Readiness to join the search, said Italy.

Flight MS804 took off from the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle late in the evening on Wednesday, may 18. Onboard the airplane there were 66 people: 56 passengers (including three infants) and 10 crew members (among them three employees of the security services). Among the passengers, in addition to 30 of the Egyptians, there were 26 foreigners of 15 French citizens, two citizens of Iraq, one citizen of great Britain, Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan and Chad.

In fact, when we lost contact with the aircraft and when was recorded the distress call, shall be published conflicting information, despite the fact that it comes from official sources in Egypt and Greece.

The Minister of defence of Greece Panos Kammenos said at a press conference in Athens that, according to Greek military aircraft A320-232 EgyptAir company, on the night of may 19, EN route flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo, shortly before it disappeared from radar screens have made sudden maneuvers. According to him, the first was rotated to the left 90 degrees, then full turn of 360 degrees, after which the plane dropped sharply from the height of 37.000 feet to 15,000 feet, and, when he was already at an altitude of about 10,000 feet, the connection with him was lost.

According to specialized websites, tracking the movements of civilian flights, the aircraft A320-232 EgyptAir company before landing at the airport of a name of Charles de Gaulle during the last days has visited Egypt, Eritrea and Tunisia.

We will remind that on October 31, 2015 in the Central part of the Sinai Peninsula, near the settlement of Nehel, crashed aircraft Airbus A-321-200 of airline «Kogalymavia (MetroJet), on Board of which there were seven crew members and 217 passengers (including 25 children), EN route from Sharm El Sheikh to Saint Petersburg. None of those on Board survived. Initially it was assumed that the cause of the accident was technical malfunction. Later, Western intelligence agencies have put forward the version about the attack. On 17 November, the FSB announced that the version of the attack were confirmed.

29 March 2016 the attacker was captured by a passenger plane Airbus A320 of EgyptAir company, flying MSR181 from Alexandria to Cairo. The plane landed at Larnaca airport in Cyprus. Later all the hostages were released, the hijacker surrendered to Cypriot authorities.

On Board the crashed Airbus EgyptAir was the inscription: «We just took the plane» 22.05.2016

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