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On September 12, the party of Moshe Feiglin are the primaries

On Tuesday, September 12, in the party «Zeut», headed by former MP from the «Likud» Moshe Feiglin, is the first stage of the primaries. Two and a half thousand members of the party elect Internet vote of fifteen people, who will stand for election to the Knesset of the 21st convocation. The results of the vote will be known at 21:00.

Among other candidates in the primaries are Ilan Saga, the father of a soldier Sagi Erez, who was killed during the operation «Indestructible rock», the economist Gilad Alper, a part of a working group of advisers to the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, and activist Asya Entov.

As explained in the editorial sources in the party, after the date will be announced parliamentary elections in «the Zeut» will be the so-called open primaries, in which everyone will be able to vote. So determine the order in which fifteen of the candidates would appear in the election list.

In addition, the list will be presented to three activists of the international movement «the Zeut» living in the moment, outside of Israel.
Note that under current law, the Knesset can run only the citizens of the state of Israel and Israelis living at the time of elections abroad, can’t vote. Activists of the international movement «the Zeut» reserved one seat in each decile.

The head of the party, Moshe feiglin does not participate in primaries, as was earlier elected for the post of head «the Zeut» in the upcoming elections. He also has the right to co-opt in the pre-election list of four candidates.

We will remind that the party of «Returning» was created after Moshe feiglin and his supporters left the Likud, which included a group of «Jewish leadership». They left the ruling party after the primaries for the Knesset 20th convocation feiglin was on the no-go place.

Add that on September 12 held a meeting of the conference block «Ichud Leumi». The conference takes place against the background of discussions in the political system that the «Bayt Yehudi» and «Tkuma» included in the «Ichud Leumi», will run in future elections separate lists. It is expected that the elections to the Knesset of 21st convocation of the right wing of Israeli politics will be represented by at least four parties: the «Bayt Yehudi», «ID», «Ichud Leumi» and the party of Baruch Marsala. For representation in the Knesset need to gain at least four seats.

On September 12, the party of Moshe Feiglin are the primaries 12.09.2017

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