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On tests of missiles uses Iran as the target the star of David

Wednesday, June 28, the permanent Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon gave the members of the security Council satellite photos taken during the missile tests in Iran.

In the comments to the pictures Danone indicated that they were made in December 2016, when Iran conducted tests of the new missiles surface-to-surface Qiam. The Israeli Ambassador also recalled that such tests violate UN security Council’s decisions 2231.

«The pictures are provided by Danone, it is possible to see on the ground the star of David in the center of which formed a crater as a result of falling missiles,» — said the radio station «Kan bet».

In a letter to Council members Danny Danon stressed that the missile tests are not only a violation of the resolutions, but also serve as another confirmation of the fact that one of the goals of Iran is Israel.

Danny Danon urged the security Council to begin to act promptly to eliminate the Iranian threat. «Iran supports the regime of Bashar al-Assad, financed by the «Hezbollah» threatens the security of Israeli citizens. He supports terrorists and dictatorial regimes in the middle East and around the world. The Security Council is obliged to eliminate the threat that Iran poses to the region,» said Danon.

Note that four days ago, during the celebration in Iran «the day of al-Quds», in Tehran, was set on a timer that counts down the time remaining until the destruction of Israel in 2040. This date came after in 2015 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared that Israel will not survive another 25 years.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in his Facebook commented on the appearance of this timer in Tehran: «the Iranians must learn the history of the Jewish people, as last week in Tehran, set the timer, counting down to the destruction of Israel. We have been in this country for thousands of years before the ayatollahs seized Iranian people hostage, and we will be here after their theocratic dictatorship will become a footnote in the pages of history.»

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On tests of missiles uses Iran as the target the star of David 28.06.2017

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