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On the background of the hunger strike of prisoners Yisrael Katz spoke about the need for the death penalty

The Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz commented on the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners and spoke in favor of the death penalty for terrorists.

In his blog on Twitter, Minister Katz wrote: «When the killer, like Marwan Barghouti, in jail, on strike for better conditions in a time when relatives of victims continue to mourn, there is only one way out: the death penalty.»

כשרוצח נאלח כמו ברגותי שובת בכלא לשיפור תנאים בעוד קרובי הנרצחים זוכרים וכואבים, הפתרון אחד — עונש מוות למחבלים.

— ישראל כץ Israel Katz (@Israel_katz) 17 APR 2017

Note that in response to this «tweet» several users asked the Minister a question: why he voted against the law on the introduction of the death penalty for terrorists?

Radio station «Reshet bet» reported that in response to this question, Katz said that in Israel there is a law on the military Tribunal that allows you to apply the death penalty to terrorists, and that during the discussion of this issue, the government accepted his proposal to change the policy for the application of this law to be dangerous killers.

— The death penalty in Israel: background

In the entire history of the state of Israel, the death sentence was executed twice – once in 1948, when a court-martial during the War for independence was sentenced to captain Meir Tuvinskogo, convicted of treason. The sentence was executed six soldiers of the brigade «Harel». The performers did not know who and what they shot. Subsequently Towianski was fully rehabilitated.

On the night of June 1, 1962 in Ramle prison were given the death sentence Adolf Eichmann. According to the draw, by hangings became one of the prison guards, a native of Yemen Shalom Nagar. In the next few years Nagar suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, then returned to the fold of the religion and became a butcher (shoihet). In 1988, when Israel was sentenced to the death of Ivan Demjanjuk (the sentence was later canceled), to sludge turned again. «I’ve already made one mitzvah, let it do by someone else. What am I, a contractor?» – refused Nagar.

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On the background of the hunger strike of prisoners Yisrael Katz spoke about the need for the death penalty 18.04.2017

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