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On the border with Syria came under fire, the drone of the IDF

The press service of the IDF reported that on Thursday, February 7, around 18:30 from Syria were fired at an unmanned aerial vehicle of the IDF.

The report said that several shells fired from Syria, was discovered in the village of Madzhal-Shams. One of them hit a house, causing minor structure damage.

The incident was not injured.

On the border are the soldiers of the IDF and the police.

The press service has no information on whether downed or damaged drone in the shelling. However, the radio station «Kahn Beth» reported that the UAV was not injured.

Earlier, residents of the Druze village of Majdal Shams, located in the North of the Golan heights, told the radio station «can bet» that a shell from Syria hit one of the houses in the village.

This is not the first case when the shells fired from Syrian territory, falls in Majdal Shams; cited. However, there was not a single case when the shelling suffered any of the villagers.

On the border with Syria came under fire, the drone of the IDF 09.02.2018

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