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On the eve of Ramadan completed a massive hunger strike terrorists in Israeli prisons

On Saturday morning, may 27, on the eve of Ramadan, announced the termination of the mass hunger strike of prisoners in Israeli jails, serving sentences for terrorism.

The hunger strike lasted 40 days. According to various sources, it more or less been attended by from one thousand to two thousand prisoners.

Israeli media reported on the termination of hunger strike, citing the prison authority (SHABAS). Currently, SCHABAS does not comment.

Note that the hunger strike of the prisoners was completed the day after Hamas declared a «day of anger» – the leaders of the terrorists called for attacks on Israeli soldiers and hold demonstrations in support of hunger strikers.

Hamas was not the initiator of the hunger strike, the protest was initiated by Marwan Barghouti and other Fatah leaders.

The beginning of the mass hunger strike was announced on 17 April 2017. SCHABAS reported that initially the protesters were less than a thousand, and during the first weeks the number of protesters has dropped significantly. The Ministry of Palestinian prisoners in Palestinian authority government claimed to have starved to two thousand people convicted for terror, serving sentences in Israeli prisons. On the eve of the cessation of the hunger strike, Hamas has stated that it will join the campaign 1.800 activists of the organization in prison.

Note that it was not about a «dry» hunger strike. The participants drank water and nutritious fluids. In total, about a hundred hunger strikers at different stages received medical care in hospitals.

For 40 days, negotiations continued on the terms of ending the hunger strike.

15 may was voiced the demands of hungry people, formulated in the letter of Marwan Barghouti, the former leader of the terrorist Tanzim (Fatah), who is serving five life sentences for organizing terrorist attacks. This letter was addressed to the chief of the Bureau of prisons Lieutenant General Ophrah of Klinger. A letter containing 19 points, was written by hand in Hebrew. Almost all of the requirements Barghouti referred to the improvement of conditions of detention in prisons. Serving sentences for terror demanded: to establish in prisons a common area phones to increase the number of television channels up to 20, to provide them access to secondary and higher education, to allow visits from relatives and wives, set in the prison conditioning and to improve the range of goods in the prison shops to provide annual health checks, free dental prosthetics, and be given the opportunity to invite private doctors. In addition, Barghouti demanded the release from prison of all seriously ill patients.

Internal security Minister of Israel Gilad Erdan has called the demands of the prisoners «incredible insolence».

The terms on which agreement was reached on termination of the hunger strike is unknown.

On the eve of Ramadan completed a massive hunger strike terrorists in Israeli prisons 27.05.2017

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