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On the eve of sentencing the blogger not lapshyn pleaded guilty, but expressed remorse

Wednesday, July 19, the Baku court of grave crimes held hearing on the case of blogger Alexander Lapshin, a citizen of Israel and Russia, which is accused of illegal crossing of the state border and incitement to violation of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

The process is presided over by judge Alovsat Abbasov.

On 14 July the Prosecutor demanded as a sentence of 6.5 years of imprisonment.

On July 19, the court made the lawyer Lapshin and the accused himself.

Lawyer Eduard Chernin asked the court to acquit Alexander Lapshin. «His records have an informative character only. In his writings he did not make appeals to violation of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Expert evaluation was not able to prove it. For this reason, the charges against my client are unfounded. I also request to exclude from evidence the testimony of witnesses», – quotes the statement of the lawyer to the site

Alexander Lapshin, in turn, said that does not admit guilt, but regret. «I do not agree with the charges. I have been in 126 countries. Do not feel guilty. I did not need called. To the people of Azerbaijan my only fault is moral, and in any case not in the legal field. Understand how the Karabakh important for Azerbaijan. But I under no circumstances did not engage in criminal connection with the Armenian authorities,» – quoted appearance of the defendant. Lapshin expressed hope that the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh will be settled within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. «I regret what I did, regret what, go to Karabakh, brought suffering to its people, experiencing the hardships of the occupation. I had no idea about the occupation. Being here, I have experienced only good attitude», he said.

The verdict is expected July 20.

The trial in the case of Lapshin was to have started on June 22. The first hearing on the merits of this case took place on 30 June. The «Interfax» news Agency then reported that Lapshin did not admit his guilt and said that all his visits to Nagorno-Karabakh were purely tourist in nature.

Blogger Alexander Lapshin (1976) was detained in Minsk on the night of December 15, 2016. The reason for the arrest was the request of Azerbaijani authorities, who had previously announced his international search for the violation of the law «On state border» and the migration code. As reported by Azerbaijani media, this was due to the visits of A. Lapshin in Nagorno-Karabakh. His name was included by the Baku authorities in the «black list» in 2011. However, in June 2015, as reported by Azerbaijani media, Lapshin entered Azerbaijan through Georgia on the Ukrainian passport.

The Israeli foreign Ministry and the Russian foreign Ministry tried unsuccessfully to prevent his extradition to Azerbaijan. Knesset member Ksenia Svetlova («Zionist camp») demanded that the government take more active steps aimed at the release of the Israeli citizen who served in combat units of the IDF.

7 Feb Alexander Lapshin was a special flight delivered from Minsk to Baku. The extradition was carried out shortly after the Supreme court of Belarus rejected the appeal Lapshin.

On the eve of sentencing the blogger not lapshyn pleaded guilty, but expressed remorse 19.07.2017

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