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On the eve of the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit Hungary stops campaign against Soros

The Hungarian government denies that it stopped the campaign in the press against the billionaire George Soros, calling for the admission of refugees, under pressure from the Israeli foreign Ministry and leaders of the local Jewish community, which, in particular, the website of the Israeli newspaper «gaarets».

According to the publication, the authorities have announced that it will remove all the posters, denouncing the Jewish philanthropist to July 15 – three days before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban in Budapest.

This message says nothing about the protest of the Jewish community of Hungary, fearing that the campaign against the Soros Foundation will negatively affect the local Jews and increase anti-Semitic sentiments, and the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of foreign Affairs.

The government were informed that these actions have achieved the goal, and they will no longer be required, and also reported that on 15 July will come into effect the new law on political posters.

According to the TV channel ATV, which cites a senior source in the Hungarian civil Union ( Fidesz). One of the two largest political parties in the country, one of the reasons for the termination of the campaign is the visit of Netanyahu, who don’t want to spoil the persecution of its fellow, and the second water Polo competitions, which start July 14.

Recall that the posters in question, ridicule Soros, who advocates the open door for migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, across Europe – despite the hard-line government of Viktor Orban.

However, a spokesman for the government said the same day that the campaign, which began in may this year, ends as scheduled, and its end not connected with the visit of Netanyahu or some other reasons.

A government representative of Hungary said that the campaign was successful and proved that the Hungarians will not allow them to impose decisions that will affect their destiny.

On the eve of the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit Hungary stops campaign against Soros

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