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On the Russian site of state services malicious code is detected

Dr. Web engaged in the development of antivirus software, reported the discovery of malicious code, introduced by an unknown person on the portal of state and municipal services

TASS quoted the press release of the company, which says that the malicious code causes the browser of the visitor to discreetly contact one of the 15 domain addresses registered to an individual. In response to those domains can enter fake data entry form credit card or a search for vulnerabilities with the goal of gaining access to a user’s computer.

In the message Dr. Web says that the security certificates on most foreign domains expired or does not contain malicious code, and so the requests for those domains for the last day was not a success. However, specialists on computer security, nothing prevents registrants to renew their certificates and to place on their domains malicious code.

In the Ministry of communications Agency TASS reported that the detected threat was minor and in the near future the vulnerability will be eliminated.

On the Russian site of state services malicious code is detected 14.07.2017

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