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On the territory of Shuafat found a settlement, which 7.000 years

In the course of excavations on the site of the future highway in the area of Shuafat, located in the North of Jerusalem, were discovered traces of ancient settlements. Specialists of the Department of antiquities dated to the copper age. According to them, people lived there 7,000 years ago.

Discovered the ruins of two buildings and a distinctive basalt and ceramic dishes, metal utensils. According to the excavators, the houses are built very thoroughly and their condition constantly watched.

Scientists say that this is the oldest settlement in the municipal boundaries of the Israeli capital. Previously so ancient settlements were found only in the Negev, the coastal strip and in the North of Israel.

«Such discoveries in Jerusalem and the Judean hills was not. We found traces of human presence Chalcolithic in Abu Ghosh, the site of complex «Holyland» and in the valley and ELA, but nothing significant was detected», — says the head of the Department of prehistory of the Department of antiquities Dr. OMRI Barzilai.

«There is no doubt that the territory of Jerusalem there was a prosperous settlement. Such construction quality to be envied now. Findings indicate a developed crafts. Found sickles for the harvest, the axes of builders and even beads», — said the head of excavations Ronit Lupo.

According to her, the settlement had trade relations with other cities. The archaeologist also said that the debris found the bones of sheep and cows. Continued studies will allow to learn more about the diet of the inhabitants of the ancient city.

On the territory of Shuafat found a settlement, which 7.000 years 17.02.2016

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