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On YouTube posted a video glorifying the murderer of Rabbi Raziel, Sewage

Wednesday, March 6, on YouTube was posted animation, glorifying Ahmad Nasser Diarra who organized the attack that killed Rabbi Raziel, Shevach.

The film begins with the events of 2002, when it was destroyed the house of Nasser Garara, father of terrorist. The authors of the movie show that the terrorist is «born» from the ruins of the house.

Israeli red alert website notes that this film is part of the anti-Israeli propaganda.

Recall that on 6 February in a joint operation of the IDF, the General security service (Shin bet) and police special forces (PITS) were killed Ahmad Nasser Jarar, head of the terrorist cell who committed the attack near the Outpost Ḩawātah-Gilad.

The terrorist has been eliminated during the attempt of his arrest in the village of Yamoun. About three a.m. was received intelligence on the whereabouts of the terrorist. He was asked to surrender. When he refused, the side of the house were fired at least one missile, and then troops with bulldozers began to destroy the house. «Armed terrorist attempted to move from one building to another and was shot by the security forces». — stated in the message of the press service of the Shabak. The terrorist was armed with an automatic rifle M-16 and when it was discovered a bag that contained explosive devices. During the operation, none of the Israelis were not injured.

The attack near Ḩawātah-Gilad was made 9 Jan. The terrorists have overtaken the car Raziel Sewage, fired at her with automatic weapons and fled. Rabbi Shevach, who was a volunteer in the ambulance service «Magen David Adom», was shot in the neck, but managed to tell on the radio about the attack before he lost consciousness. He later died from his wounds.

Since the attack near the Ḩawātah-Gilad, the security forces conducted the detention of suspects of involvement in terrorist activities. Operations continued over the weekend. On 3 February during a special operation held in the vicinity of Jenin and the nearby village of Burkin, the military regional teams «Menashe», employees of the General security service (Shin bet) and border police (the MAGICIAN) made a number of arrests. He was arrested several suspects of involvement in the attack.

We will remind, on January 18 in Burkina Jenin, and conducted a special operation in which were arrested many suspected terrorists (the exact number of detainees was not reported). Military demolished three houses of relatives of terrorists involved, according to intelligence, to the murder of Rabbi Shevah. Ahmad Nasser Jarar managed to escape about before the house of his relative was surrounded by Israeli military special forces and border police (PITS). PITS two fighters were wounded.

Ahmad Nasser Jarar was active in the major terrorist cells operating in Samaria. He was personally involved in the terrorist attack near Ḩawātah-Gilad. Security forces assume that the cell, which he headed, planned and carried additional attempted terrorist attacks. Father Djarara, who was also an activist of one of the terrorist organizations were eliminated 16 years ago.

On YouTube posted a video glorifying the murderer of Rabbi Raziel, Sewage 07.03.2018

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