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One of figurants investigation Fund Navalny accused him of libel and sued

Olga Lopatina, ex-wife of current Deputy Prosecutor General Gennady Lopatin, is mentioned in the film-the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption on the business of Artem and Igor Gulls, filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity, according to 15 December, the website

«Today my doveritelnyi Olga A. Lopatina filed in Lublin district court of Moscow the claim about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, recognition information is not relevant to the law and prohibited for distribution, enforcement to remove information, compensation for moral damages against defendants Alexey Navalny George Alborov, Lyubov Sobol, the NGO «Fund of struggle against corruption», Google Inc.» – leads the publication the words of lawyer Vladislav Grib, representing the interests of the plaintiff..

The lawyer explained that his client finds untrue the information spread by the defendants in the film «the Seagull. Crime drama in five parts», which deals with the business Empire of the sons of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, working closely with the criminal clan from the village Kushchevskaya.

Recall that this film was posted on the resource on YouTube, owned by Google, to date, it had been viewed more than 3.5 million users.

Navalny and his colleagues named Lopatin in the number of hotel owners in Greece and companies cooperating with the company, which is owned by Natalia Tsepovyaz and Angela Maria Tsapok – the wife of the main defendants in the case on the massacre in the village Kushchevskaya, the leaders of the gang of Caponata Vyacheslav and Sergey Hoe.

Note that Natalya Tsepovyaz confirmed that it was a co-founder of LLC «Kuban Sugar», but stressed that in reality the Affairs of this company was led by her husband.

Lopatin same outrigger that the documents referenced in the Fund Navalny, fake. «I never had any joint business with members of the so-called gang Tsapkov, not familiar with Natalia Tsepovyaz nor with Angela Maria Tsapok, nor with any of their relatives. The statement that I was a co-owner of the commercial structure (LLC «Kuban Sugar»), together with such persons are false», says it has signed a formal statement.

Earlier this month, have appealed to the court of the FBC: the reason for the suit was the statement by Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, who believes that the information in the inquiry information «are obviously false in nature and are without any Foundation». However, the judge dismissed the claim.

One of figurants investigation Fund Navalny accused him of libel and sued 15.12.2015

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