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Operation in Kabati: marked house of terrorists, there are victims

After the terrorist attack in Jerusalem, committed three residents Kabotie, which was killed by 19-year-old pogranichnitsa Adar Cohen, and her partner Developed was wounded, the IDF blocked the southern suburbs of Jenin, including Kabati.

— «I fell to the ground and shouted: fire». The story of Pogranichniy wounded in the attack
— Terrorist attack in Jerusalem, near the Damascus gate. Photo

During the operation, three soldiers were lightly wounded as a result of «stone attack», when they were forced to leave the jeep stopped due to a technical fault.

Palestinian Agency Maan reports that Israeli forces in Kabati wounded at least five locals. It is alleged that the child (14 or 15 years old) was shot down by an army jeep and was hospitalized in critical condition. Maan also writes about four young people Kabotie who received gunshot wounds and were taken to hospital.

Maan writes that local residents it was officially announced that Qabatiya will be a closed military zone, at least one month.

Local sources say that military officials conducted searches in the homes of the terrorists who committed the attack in Jerusalem. House of families of terrorists marked for later destruction.

The terrorist attack in Jerusalem carried out by Ahmad Abu al-RUB, Sakari Ahmad and Muhammad Kamil from Kabati. They were between 19 to 21 years old. The investigation established that they illegally entered Israel. Two of them were in the «black list» of the Shabak, they were forbidden to appear in Israel. Apparently, we are talking about an organized terrorist cell, carefully planned attack on Israelis in Jerusalem, and intending to carry out large-scale terrorist attack. The militants, taken to Jerusalem, were armed with submachine guns Karl Gustav, knives and improvised explosive devices. Hamas welcomed «heroes», but not taken responsibility for the attack. The PNA did not condemn the terrorists.

Operation in Kabati: marked house of terrorists, there are victims 04.02.2016

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