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Operation in the Sinai: dozens killed, hundreds arrested

The press service of the armed forces of Egypt announced a major anti-terrorist operation «Sinai 2018», which takes place not only in the North-East of the Sinai Peninsula, but also in the Nile Delta and near the border with Libya.

It is reported on the elimination of 38 militants, including ten dangerous extremists, and the detention 526 «criminal elements and suspects.» On casualties among soldiers and police information.

The most violent was the collision in the vicinity of El-Arish, near the Israeli border. Here, the army stormed the house in which entrenched wanted militants. They were all destroyed.

Recall: at the end of March in Egypt’s presidential election. Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi, seeking re-election for a second term, promised to protect citizens from terrorist threats. This promise remained unfulfilled, however, there is no doubt that al-Sisi will remain as head of state.

Operation in the Sinai: dozens killed, hundreds arrested 14.02.2018

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