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Opponents of the regime accuse Assad of new use of chemical weapons

The London-based human rights organization, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that from Saracen in the East, Idlib province reported use by the Syrian regime of chemical weapons. The organization quoted local doctors, reported the death of five people.

According to the publication Daily Mirror, the Syrian air force helicopters dropped on the cities of the so-called «barrel bombs» — drums filled with toxic substances. The publication publishes photos taken in the hospital of Idlib, where received 12 victims.

The Syrian and the Russian air force struck by the province dozens of air strikes, is also a missile and artillery shelling populated areas controlled by the opposition units. Significant damage placed in the cave hospital al-Numan, killing two people.

The national coalition of the Syrian opposition appealed to the UN to end the Syrian and the Russian bombing in Idlib province and the deaths of civilians. Responsibility for what is happening opponents of the regime impose on Russia.

Opponents of the regime accuse Assad of new use of chemical weapons 05.02.2018

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