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Oren Hazan compared Edelstein with Stalin and called it a «Freudian reservation»

Oren Hazan, suspended from parliamentary activity for six months, in his last speech at the plenary session of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein compared with Stalin.

«I don’t know whether you paid attention that today was really boring at the plenary session. So I dared to make a remark to Stalin, I’m sorry, speaker of the Knesset Edelstein, and ask him to apologize,» said Hazan.

These words aroused the indignation of those present. Said Revital, which led today’s meeting, asked the chazan to apologize to Edelstein, but he refused, saying that he prefers to Edelstein apologized to Netanyahu and people of Israel.

In an interview with radio station «Kan bet» after the scandal in the Knesset, Oren Hazan said he regrets that called Edelstein Stalin. «I just threw it out. Such a Freudian slip,» — said the Deputy.

On the same day, January 31, the Knesset Committee on ethics has decided to suspend Oren Hazan (Likud) from parliamentary activity for a period of six months. The MP also deprived of a weekly stipend of approximately $ 5 thousand shekels. We are talking about the extremely hard punishment by the standards of the Knesset’s ethics. So far only two members – Hanin zuabi and Basel Ratas (both United Arab list) was subjected to similar punishment.

In the coming months, Hazan will only be able to be in the courtroom and commissions at the time of voting. Note that in practice the sentence of khazana even longer, as the six months will expire at the time of the summer recess of Parliament, and the MP will be able to return to their activities in full in October.

MP Hazan commented on the decision of the Commission in his twitter microblog: «Edelstein decided to get rid of me. From the one person who fights terrorists by Zahalka, Huabi and their company. He gave the terrorists a gift. I not to gag. The public will condemn the shameful, selfish and cynical in the history of the state of the speaker of the Knesset.»

Oren Hazan compared Edelstein with Stalin and called it a «Freudian reservation» 31.01.2018

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