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Organization «Yesh DIN»: fighter MAGE threw a shock grenade into an Arab with a baby

The human rights organization «Yesh DIN» released a record of the incident, according to the organization, on Friday, March 2, in the Arab village of Burin, located South of Nablus: video of one of the soldiers of the border police (the MAGICIAN) throws a shock grenade towards the running of the Palestinian couple, with the man holding a small child. It is reported Ynet.

According to «Yesh DIN», the first grenade hit one of the houses of the village. Its residents suffered from smoke so much that they had to call the ambulance «Red Crescent». When the man with the child in her arms and the woman ran out of the house, im after a grenade was thrown.

In the Israel police said that «the images makes it impossible to see the real picture of what is happening in the village of Burin. During the outbreak there of the riots, dozens of Arabs threw stones at soldiers of the MAGICIAN near the house in question. Employees «first aid» addressed to the unit commander MAGICIAN to help in the evacuation of one of the residents of the house.»

During the evacuation, «soldiers of the MAGICIAN noticed two people trying to escape from a place, where there were riots. One of the soldiers threw a grenade to stop them. It is known that the Arabs throw stones at Israeli soldiers, putting their lives at risk, and then try to escape from the scene».

«If they saw a man holding a baby, they would have acted according to the situation», — stated in the message of the Israel police.

Organization «Yesh DIN»: fighter MAGE threw a shock grenade into an Arab with a baby 03.03.2018

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