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Oscar Pistorius will remain under house arrest and will appeal to the constitutional court

The court granted the request of lawyers athlete-Paralympic Oscar Pistorius and was released on bail the athlete, who intends in the constitutional court of the Republic of South Africa to challenge the decision of the Supreme court recognized Pistorius guilty of first-degree murder of Riva Steenkamp, reports The Guardian.

Because the lawyers of Pistorius argued that he completely ruined the judicial process, the sum of appointed a judge of the collateral amounted to 10 thousand Rand (less than £ 500).

Thus, a legless athlete, despite a new charges of first-degree murder, remains under house arrest, which allows Pistorius to leave the house every day between 7 a.m. and noon.

We will remind, on December 3 the Supreme court of South Africa dismissed the appeal of the Prosecutor’s office and reversed the lower court decision, which recognized athlete-Paralympic Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable murder of Riva Steenkamp. According to the new verdict, Pistorius is accused of premeditated murder, and his sentence will be revised.

The minimum sentence for premeditated murder is 15 years.

The murder in question was committed in the early morning of 14 February 2013. According to prosecutors, Riva Steenkamp was killed in the course of a long quarrel: Oscar shot her four times through the door and fatally wounded a girl and then struck the door with his fist, to open it, pulled dying Riva from the bathroom and tried to make her artificial respiration. The defense argued that Pistorius took Riva for penetrated into the house of the robber.

12 September 2014 the Pretoria court verdict on the case of a legless athlete, finding him guilty of manslaughter. On October 21 Pistorius was sentenced to five years in prison. 20 October 2015 Pistorius, who spent in detention a year, was released from prison. The remainder of the term he was supposed to be under house arrest.

The hearing for pronouncement of the new sentence to Pistorius scheduled for April 18, 2016.

Oscar Pistorius will remain under house arrest and will appeal to the constitutional court 08.12.2015

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