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Palestinian media: chemist Hamas detainee in Manila, delivered to Baghdad

On Friday, March 23, it became known that this week in Baghdad was arrested 64-year-old Muhammad Taha al-Jabouri, where he was deported from Turkey and from the Philippines.

This is with reference to the relative Taha al-Jabouri writing Agency Quds Press, «Palestinian information center», belonging to the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

According to these sources, Taha al-Jabouri, a detainee in the Philippines at the request of foreign intelligence services, who informed Manila that this man who is a chemist by profession, participated in the modernization of rockets by Hamas, 23 January were expelled to Turkey. When the Filipinos claimed that the information was provided by Iraq.

During the arrest, al-Jabouri admitted in work with Hamas, however the formal reason for the detention and extradition was not the terrorist activities and violation of visa regime.

Israeli blogger «Abu Ali», which is considered a specialist on terrorist organizations in the middle East, citing sources in Hamas wrote that the detention of al-Jabouri became possible thanks to the cooperation of the Philippine authorities with the Israeli foreign intelligence «Mossad». The sources referred to by «Abu Ali», claimed that «the Mossad» was accompanied by al-Jabouri to Manila, where he was arrested by the Philippine authorities. The same sources reported that «Mossad» within a few months participated in the investigation of al-Jabouri. The same version was published by the Quds Press Agency.

From Manila al-Jabouri was taken to Istanbul, and from there he was sent to Baghdad.

If the detention of al-Jabouri in Manila was really consistent with the «Mossad», it is unclear why in the end he was sent to Iraq, as alleged in the publication of the PIC.

Palestinian media: chemist Hamas detainee in Manila, delivered to Baghdad 23.03.2018

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