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«Palestinian national Fund» declared Israel a terrorist organization

Thursday, March 16, defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman, using existing authorities, declared the «Palestinian national Fund» a terrorist organization.

In the comments of the press service of the defense Ministry indicated that the reason for this decision was the activity of the Fund for the maintenance of the persons involved in terrorist activities against Israel.

The report notes, the Fund monthly transfers of tens of millions of shekels to prisoners, serving sentences in Israeli prisons for terrorist activities, as well as their families. According to Israel’s information, payments to families of suicide depend on the severity of the crime committed. So the payment amount increases substantially if the terrorist is sentenced to more than five years imprisonment.

In addition, the Fund provides financial assistance to the families of those killed or wounded during the terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens.

The press service said that the «Palestinian national Fund» plays a significant role in supporting the Palestinian terrorist organizations, and serves as a conduit for their funding.

The Foundation is Ramzi Yousef Khoury, occupying a leading position in the Palestine liberation Organization, as well as close to the leadership of the Palestinian authority.

Declaring the organization illegal means that the establishment of branches of the organization in Israel, fundraising, recruiting new members or membership in this organization is punishable by law.

In addition, the Ministry of defence and other power structures will take steps to arrest and confiscation of property and funds of the organization.

On the website of the Ministry of defense stated that the defense Minister has the authority to declare an organization or movement outside of the law.

Anti-terrorism legislation enacted in Israel in 1948, provides for membership in a terrorist organization punishable by deprivation of freedom from three to twenty years.

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«Palestinian national Fund» declared Israel a terrorist organization 16.03.2017

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