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Palestinian schoolgirl who opened the way for the flood of refugees will remain in Germany until 2017

Rome, Shvil, 14-year-old Palestinian woman from Lebanese refugee camps, which Angela Merkel, contrary to the requirements of the law, was allowed to stay in Germany are allowed to stay in the country until October 17, 2017.

According to leading German newspaper Bild , the family will be able to obtain the necessary documents in the near future. The publication notes that the Rey family Shvil were able to stay in Germany because of «successful integration» and notes that the father of a schoolgirl assists other refugees.

According to the German press, the tears of the girl who came from Lebanon, became an indirect reason that Merkel opened the borders to thousands of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. The Chancellor did not acknowledge it publicly, but government sources say that such a possibility exists.

In July of this year, Rome gave an interview to the newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag, and in response to a reporter’s question, pointeresovatsya situation in her homeland, the girl said she hoped that sooner or later Israel will vanish from the face of the earth, and the land on which it was located, will be named «Palestine».

In the article, which was published on 28 July, the website of the newspaper The Jerusalem Post, says that this response has put the interviewer in a dead end. He asked, whether Rome knows about the special relationship Germany and Israel, and that the German laws I regard hatred of Jews as a crime?

This Palestinian woman said that in Germany freedom of speech, she can Express any views and are ready for a discussion on this topic. Rome stressed that he considers their home is not Germany, and Palestine, where he hopes eventually to return – despite the fact that I was born in a Lebanese refugee camp, and currently live with her grandparents.

Nevertheless, the young Palestinian woman prefers to live and study in Germany, which is now five years old. She fluently speaks German, wants to learn to be an interpreter and help other immigrants.

Earlier this month it was reported that Rome, the pupil of one of schools of Rostock, which made their claims to Chancellor Angela Merkel, and hearing the answer – burst into tears in front of journalists who are still allowed together with the family to remain in Germany. One of the reasons for this decision, according to officials, became a perfect German, which is spoken a former occupant of the refugee camp.

Note that the number of illegal immigrants arriving in Germany is constantly increasing: this year the authorities have to consider 450,000 applications on granting refugee status – twice more than in the past.

This subject, the Chancellor discussed with the pupils of the senior classes of Rostock school, and during the discussion a young Palestinian woman told Merkel in fluent German that her family came to Germany from a refugee camp in Lebanon four years ago, and that they face deportation.

«I have a purpose. I want to study, like others… It’s very frustrating to see others enjoying life while I can’t» – leads the publication the words of the girl.

Merkel said that she understood her problem, but «politics sometimes brings people inconvenience». She ruled in favor of the girls, said that she is very pretty, but reminded that in the Palestinian refugee camp has been home to many thousands of her countrymen, whom the Germans can’t accept this.

Schoolgirl in response to these words burst into tears, and the Chancellor tried to console her, patting on the shoulder. This visit was filmed by the TV, and the episode quickly spread on social media, prompting heated discussion.

Palestinian schoolgirl who opened the way for the flood of refugees will remain in Germany until 2017 24.12.2015

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