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Palestinian sources: Egypt begins the supply of fuel to Gaza

Reports from the Gaza strip information, Egypt has opened the Rafah crossing to start shipping in the sector of diesel fuel needed to resume operation is located in Gas power plant.

On 20 June it was reported that the energy crisis in the sector is close to completion. The agreement to resume supplies was reached with the mediation of Muhammad Dahlan, supported by the Egyptian government. It in Cairo would like to see the successor of the President of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas.

Dahlan, regarded as the most influential functionary of Fatah in Gaza, was the head of the security service of Gaza. Ten years ago the government of the Palestinian authority was overthrown by the Hamas – without opposition by local security forces. The responsibility laid on Dahlan. Also he is accused of involvement in the murder of the founder of the Palestinian national authority, Yasser Arafat.

In recent days, Israel, at the request of the Palestinian national administration, gradually reducing the supply of electricity to Gaza. PNA government is outraged that the money levied from the population sector for electricity, remain in the budget sector and not transferred to the PNA.

Previously the Electric company reported a decrease in the supply of electricity for another eight megawatts on two lines through which power is supplied from Israel to Gaza city and the areas to the North. In houses of inhabitants of the sector, electricity is only 2.5 hours a day.

Palestinian sources: Egypt begins the supply of fuel to Gaza

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