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Palestinians outraged: «the Invaders mutilated the bodies of the shahids»

The family of 38-year-old Palestinian terrorist Basima Salah, who was shot and killed on November 29, after the attack in Jerusalem with the knife to an Israeli soldier, was forced to postpone the funeral returned to them a body of «Shaheed».

According to Palestinian News Network, returned relatives at a checkpoint of Hawara, the body was deformed in the freezing process. So, legs lifted at an angle of 45 degrees, and hands twisted.

The condition of the return of bodies of terrorists is to conduct the funeral within one hour after the transfer of the remains. However, the family refused to comply, alleging that Basim had deserved a decent burial, for which it is necessary to defrost.

They were joined by the families of other terrorists. On 30 December they published a collective letter in which Israel is accused of violation of the right to burial in accordance with Islamic law. Special indignation causes the limit on the numbers of mourners.

They insist on providing the opportunity to conduct an autopsy, in particular, to ensure that the occupiers withdrew the internal organs of loved ones. Human rights activists have repeatedly stated that deep zamorska makes the subsequent autopsy almost impossible.

Palestinians outraged: «the Invaders mutilated the bodies of the shahids» 31.12.2015

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