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Pamela Anderson gave in the Kremlin «girl-leopard». Review of the Russian media

The Kremlin is not interested in the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny against family members of the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika, the newspaper «Kommersant». According to the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, the information published in the investigation, in presidential administration has reviewed it back in June, but she showed no interest because the investigation is not about the attorney General, and his adult children, «which completely independently engaged in the business».

Peskov said that Mr Chaika, like all civil servants, every year submits in the prescribed manner a Declaration which is verified by the relevant anti-corruption structures: «there are No reasons to doubt that next year all legal requirements in terms of Declaration will be performed, in principle, we do not have».

Two judges of the ECtHR, Dmitry Dedov (Russia) and the Internet Semele (Latvia), made a dissenting opinion regarding passed on 4 December decision on the case «Zakharov against Russia», agreeing with the unanimous conclusion of the Grand chamber of the need to eliminate risks in the Russian Federation illegal interception of mobile calls, writes the same publication.

Judge Dedov said that found a violation by Russia of the right to respect for private life only in connection with the impossibility for citizens to appeal in the Russian courts, secret surveillance without the «criminal context». «As the Russian judge,» sir Grandfathers, he said, could not «ignore the widespread in Russian society is a suspicion that the observation is carried out for political and economic reasons, including human rights defenders, opposition activists and leaders, journalists, officials and managers of state property – that is, more than just for those engaged in public Affairs». The judge’s opinion, this gives grounds to improve legislation in the sphere of operational-investigative activity, and establish an effective system of public control over the supervision, to which the judiciary should actively promote.

«The Russian newspaper» publishes today an article titled «In Israel, archaeologists found a mysterious artifact». So the journalists called the oldest piece of lead discovered by the team of researchers from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the cave is acting up. The analysis showed that the artifact about six thousand years. Scientists can not yet say for what it was intended. It is established that the object was cast from a fairly pure lead ore. In the cave, the sculpture was found near human remains. Israeli archaeologists have two versions of the purpose of this strange object: a ceremonial baton and the ancient spindle. However, researchers agree on the value of this discovery: found one of the oldest on the planet lead items.

The Beijing municipal government announced the highest («red») level of ecological danger. This is with reference to the Xinhua news Agency RIA Novosti reported. For the first time in the history of Beijing environmental hazard level raised from «orange» to «red». According to the forecasts of the authorities, this environmental situation will continue until the morning of 10 December.

After the «red» danger level kindergartens, primary and secondary schools are encouraged to cancel classes. The city prohibits any construction works, and industrial enterprises are prescribed to reduce or suspend operation. In addition, citizens are required to reduce the use of private cars.

«Nezavisimaya Gazeta» published an article by an expert in international policy Alexander Guschin called «frozen conflicts, and prospects», where the analyst analyzes the situation in Ukraine on the background of events in Syria and finds a Ghost of a chance for implementation of the Minsk agreements.

«Events in the middle East certainly contributed to the fact that the Ukrainian crisis and the peace process in the South-East of Ukraine is no longer perceived as the main problem of European and international security, and attention to them in recent months weakened. Nevertheless now once again has created a risky situation when the peace process apparently stalled and the likelihood of a breakthrough to a more tangible arrangements.»

«Today the Ukrainian crisis, which has ceased to engage the attention still given the change agenda in the middle East, remains an important destabilizing factor in Europe, and the Minsk agreements, the implementation of which is literal in the strict sense is impossible, most likely tolerated in the future that in the current situation, probably not a bad option. You may have a serious prospect of continuing for some time the glow of the conflict and may raise the question of different forms of peacebuilding projects. All this happens in a significant disappointment with the Ukraine in the West due to the weak effectiveness of reforms high level of corruption and weak as many believe and in the West, the competence of the Ukrainian political elite».

Writer and politician Eduard Limonov talks to the newspaper «Izvestia» about what pushes the Caliphate of modern civilization.

«I admit that at first I underestimated them. Threw me off their sandals, beards and pants, wind and black banners children’s pirate Republic. Machines seemed toy like the rock-Opera in the Iraqi and Syrian deserts. Cut off the heads of Americans and Japanese also for me much means. Honestly, I’m not an admirer of the Americans, the Japanese also not mine, as they say, a Cup of tea. They (the Japanese) killed during WWII, 17 million in Asia, to spare them particularly is not wanted. But when the Caliphate blew our Russian flight from Sharm El-Sheikh (its the nation, okay, closer), I realized that we are dealing with such a devilish darkness».

Barack Obama made a televised address from the Oval office in the White house. He was not talking about Afghanistan, he talked about Syria. He put forward meaningless if, quite frankly, stupid suggestion. He said: «ceasefire in Syria will enable the US, its allies and Russia to fight against militants of the «Islamic state». What they will also stop firing? No, don’t stop, of course. The IG will advance on the fire ceased, to kill, to seize the territory.

And the fact that the Caliphate has opened another front, already God knows what the account is another spot of gangrene appeared on the map of the world – Obama tried not to notice, because he frankly does not know that he was in Afghanistan with the Caliphate to do. He’s going to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and a large part had already withdrawn, he promised the voters, and what now, returning troops to enter? You’ll see, the United States will now try to see the Caliphate in Afghanistan. But he forced himself to see. And we have no system of thoughts and beliefs that can withstand. There zhlobski oligarchic liberal capitalism in which man is a creature».

«Pamela Anderson got to the Kremlin» – so the article published by Komsomolskaya Pravda, which referred to the visit to Moscow American actress, model and ardent defender of animal. It took the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, who oversees the conservation program in the Russian far Eastern leopards. Pamela wearing a slinky black dress and with the plastic of the Panthers were struck by its elegance. Sergei Ivanov couldn’t help but notice the author of the article.

Pamela reported that concerned about the fate of seals and requests to better protect them from poachers. She also stated that she is against the content in the aquariums Beluga whales and orcas. Ivanov and presented her with a gift certificate Keeper of the far Eastern leopard. The actress went to «the girl».

Pamela Anderson gave in the Kremlin «girl-leopard». Review of the Russian media 07.12.2015

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