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Panels Politics poll: Israelis have lost a sense of security, but believe in the victory over terror

This fall in Jerusalem and other cities in Israel and in Judea and Samaria intensified Arab terrorists. Only from October 1 they realized 113 attacks on Israelis, which killed 17 people, about 160 were injured. In most cases these were attacks with the use of bladed weapons, but there were also attacks with firearms and «car attacks».

On Sunday, 6 December, the newspaper «Maariv-Shavua» publishes the results of a survey conducted by Panels Politics Institute. The survey was related to the feeling of personal security of Israeli citizens amid the current wave of terror. The survey was conducted among the Jewish population aged over 18 years.

— Curbing the wave of terror in Israel. Express your opinion
(16 questions)

77% of respondents said that «not feel safe» amid the events of recent months. 52% of these respondents «do not feel in safety», while 25% feel «strong vulnerability».

4% of respondents answered that the current wave of terror will not affect their personal sense of security. 27% stated that the events do not really affect their feelings, another 27% identified an impact on their sense of security, as «light». 52% said that the event influenced their sense, and 16% claim that their sense of safety were heavily influenced.

81% reported that they changed daily life under the influence of acts of terror, while 19% indicated that their lifestyle has not changed.

48% said that «think twice before you decide to participate in the festivities in the days of Hanukkah», 32% said that terror will not affect their decision on this question, and 15% hesitated to give a definite answer.

69% of respondents believe that terror can be defeated, and 23% believe that it is impossible.

23% of respondents believe that the leader of the party «Our home Israel» Avigdor Lieberman better than others able to cope with wave of terror. 15% said that it’s better able to fight terror, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The leader of the «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett called the most suitable candidate 9%, defense Minister Moshe ya’alon 5%, and the internal security Minister Gilad Erdan of 1%. The head of the opposition Isaac Herzog and the leader of the party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid was the trust 3% of respondents each.

The survey involved 500 respondents. 26% live in the center of the country, 21% live in tel Aviv, 20% in Haifa, 16% in the South and 17% in Jerusalem and in settlements in Judea and Samaria. 51% of respondents were women.

On the background of the publication of the results of this survey editorial invites our readers to Express their views on the theme «curbing the wave of terror in Israel» – to participate in the survey.

Panels Politics poll: Israelis have lost a sense of security, but believe in the victory over terror 06.12.2015

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