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Panels Politics poll: the growing popularity of Netanyahu and Likud

Thursday, March 8, Walla published the results of a public opinion poll. The results indicate that support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to grow.

According to the survey conducted by the Institute of public opinion Panels Politics, if elections to the Knesset 21 convocation was held today, Likud would win 30 mandates. In a survey conducted a week ago, before NIR Hefetz signed an agreement on the status of state witness, the Likud gained 29 seats.

«Yesh Atid» gaining 24 mandate (23 in the previous survey). «The Zionist camp» continues to weaken, gaining 11 seats (12 in the previous survey). «Bayt Yehudi» is gaining 11 seats, the same as a week ago.

United Arab list reaches 10, «yaadut Torah» and MERETZ 8,

«Kulanu» is losing the mandate and gaining 7, the NDI is enhanced by single mandate and also gaining 7, and SHAS continues to teeter on the verge of the electoral threshold, gaining four mandates.

52% of the respondents think that Netanyahu can keep his job despite an ongoing investigation. In the previous survey such a position is taken by 51% of respondents.

42% think he should remain at his post. In the last poll said 45%.

39% of the respondents think that Netanyahu more than anyone else for the job of Prime Minister. 16% would like to see on this post Yair Lapid, 11% said AVI GABA, 6% — Naftali Bennett, 4% Moshe Kahlon, 1% — Avigdor Lieberman.

According to the poll conducted by «Maagar Mohot» by order of the newspaper «Israel a-Yom», the early elections to the Knesset may lead to the disappearance from the political scene, SHAS, gaining 2 of the mandate and not passing the electoral threshold.
The Likud party amid a new investigation against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amplified to 34 seats, the second place – party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid with 24 mandates, the «Bayt Yehudi» with 14 mandates.
«The Zionist camp» and the United Arab list receive 10 mandates, «yaadut-Torah» – 8 seats, MERETZ – 7 mandates that «Kulanu» – 6 mandates, the NDI – 5 mandates.

Panels Politics poll: the growing popularity of Netanyahu and Likud 08.03.2018

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