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Parents of Oron Shaul commented on the letter from Hamas allegedly living son

Zahava and Herzl Shaul, parents of senior Sergeant Oron Shaul, recognized Israel’s fallen in operation protective edge, held on 13 December briefing to Israeli media. The reason for this meeting with journalists was a letter, allegedly written by their son and published Hamas.

The author of this letter, first published in the Arab media about two weeks ago, begging the parents to secure his release. «Dear mom, I can hear the rain, but don’t see or feel it. Since then, as I was captured, I took away that right. I expect at least some joyful news that would bring me back to you,» the letter reads.

The experts of the IDF, according to the newspaper «Maariv-Shavua», convinced that this letter was fabricated by Hamas to exert pressure on the parents of a fallen soldier.

In the afternoon of December 13, Zahava Sha’ul met with representatives of the press. She said that she had not seen the «letter».

According to her a year and a half that have passed since the end of operation protective edge, there have been no changes. Contrary to promises by the Israeli government are unable to give her back her son. «It is important for me to emphasize that we have no information that would conclusively proves that Auron is alive or he is dead, he is wounded or killed. We are in a state of uncertainty», — said the mother of a soldier in an interview with reporters.

Zahava Sha’ul appealed through the media to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with a demand to intensify efforts for the return of her son, and Adar Goldin for burial in Israel. Previously, she called on the government not to return to the families the bodies of dead Palestinian terrorists as long until you have returned the bodies of Israeli soldiers killed during the «Enduring rock.»

Zahava Shaul also appealed to the Hamas leader in Gaza Ismail Hanniyeh: «I wish I could believe You, but give me convincing evidence that my son is alive. Once you give them to me, I will change Israel and the world, to deal upon his return was complete.»

Sergeant major of the Golani brigade, Oron Shaul (21) from the village Poorya was killed in the armored personnel carrier, wrecked by Palestinian terrorists in the shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza city on the night of Sunday, July 20. Hamas claimed then, and claims still that Oron Shaul is in his hands, but does not provide any evidence for his claim.

Parents of Oron Shaul commented on the letter from Hamas allegedly living son 13.12.2015

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