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«Paris terrorists» were detained two months ago: he planned the murder of police officers

On Thursday evening, April 20, in the centre of Paris, on the Champs Elysees, a man armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, opened fire in the direction of the police. One policeman, 37-year-old Xavier Hugel, was killed on the spot. Two police officers and a foreign tourist were injured. The terrorist was eliminated.

In the car, where the offender arrived at the scene, police found a large quantity of weapons, including a shotgun and knives.

The letter in which the organization «Islamic state» declared its responsibility for the attack, was found near the body of Karim Chorfi. ISIS also called the nickname of the killed militant, «Abu Yusuf al-Belgiki». In the letter, «IG», it was stressed that this name was given him because he was a native of Belgium.

The identity of the terrorist was installed a few hours later, according to Le Monde. This – 39-year-old Karim Chorfi in December 2016 made by intelligence agencies in the lists of those who represent a terrorist threat. February 23 this year Chorfi was detained by police after it was revealed that he tried to buy guns to kill police officers. However, on 6 March, he was released in connection with a lack of evidence of his guilt.

In 2001 Sorti armed with a pistol, opened fire on the police. The result was injured two police officers and one passerby. In 2005, he was sentenced to 20 years, but last year released early. Presumably, his sympathy for the organization «Islamic state» originated during Chorfi stay in prison.

According to a family friend Sarfi, Kareem was not a «real Muslim» – he did not visit a mosque, drank alcoholic beverages, but spent hours at the computer, studying the videos, posted online by jihadists. His goal, he saw to «take revenge on the police for the murder of Muslims in Syria.»

Currently, the police are looking for the second suspect in the bombing attacks, which is assumed to have fled France to Belgium.

«Paris terrorists» were detained two months ago: he planned the murder of police officers 21.04.2017

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