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«Pathetic salesman» and «large-scale speculator» Khodorkovsky. Review of the Russian media

The security service of Ukraine said that the special forces «alpha» provedeno the detention of subversive-reconnaissance group, consisting of two Russians and three Ukrainians. At the Russian Embassy in Kiev stated that he had not received official notification about the detention of Russian citizens and conduct their own verification of this information, writes in Thursday newspaper «Kommersant».

By words a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gutlyanskii, the saboteur, which was liquidated during detention, «fought back with automatic weapons, wounding two employees of special forces “alpha”, and was neutralized». Elena Gitlyanskaya told to media that one fighter of «alpha» has died from the received wounds in hospital.

The UN has published the 12th report of the Monitoring mission for human rights in Ukraine, the bulk of which is devoted to the situation in the conflict zone in the East of the country. The report also includes a section titled «human Rights in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea», reports this publication.

According to the document, 47 civilians were killed and 131 wounded in the period from 16 August to 15 November 2015. During the previous observation period (16 may to 15 August) the number of victims was more: 105 killed and 308 wounded. Thus, the total number of victims of the conflict in Donbass (April 2014), according to the UN, is not less than 9 098 people.

Member of National Assembly lower chamber of the French Parliament from the right opposition party «the Republicans» Thierry Mariani developed the text of the resolution on the lifting of sanctions imposed by the EU against Russia, and intends to submit it for discussion with their colleagues, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

The document stresses that the sanctions «are harmful to French economic interests and go against the fundamental interests of Franco-Russian relations». According to the MP, these measures are «completely ineffective and illegal».

In Russia expect from the UN observers more objective evaluations of the actions of Ukrainian extremists, including the organization of power blockade of the Crimea. So at Russia’s foreign Ministry commented on the report of the UN observer mission on human rights in Ukraine, writes the same newspaper.

«Observers point to numerous violations of human rights and illegal actions of the radicals who had organized the transport blockade of the Crimea, and called on Kiev to restore law and order in the Kherson region. Expected in the future from the UN observer mission a more objective evaluations of the actions of Ukrainian extremists, including the organization, the so-called energy blockade aimed at the destruction of human rights in Crimea», – said in comments the Russian foreign Ministry.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta publishes an article entitled «the Ministry of defence reveals military secrets», where the author analyzes the reasons why the Russian military used in the war against ISIS missile complex «Caliber», which in the West is called «Icipalities». In his opinion, this action is not only a means of destruction of Islamic militants, but also a message to US.

«Presumably, about the nuclear option, «Caliber» Vladimir Putin mentioned intentionally. It is clear that in Syria, which became for the Russian Armed forces something of a testing ground, to use cruise missiles equipped with non-peaceful atom, no need not seen. This message primarily addressed to those who believed that Russia lagged behind the leading military powers forever, especially with precision weapons. But this data is not the first freshness,» says the author.

Vladimir Putin and David Cameron discussed the security issues in the middle East in the context of resolving the situation in Syria, reported the press service of the Kremlin, the RIA Novosti news Agency.

«Noted that Russia and the UK have similar approaches to the threat posed by Islamic state and other terrorist groups operating in the region. In this context, the sides discussed issues of establishing bilateral cooperation in various state structures», – stated in the message. The telephone conversation was initiated by the London.

Pro-government newspaper «Izvestia» publishes an article by Mikhail Shakhnazarov called «Salesman of the revolution», where the author analyzes the press conference this day before the ex-head of YUKOS Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

«Recently this man looked much more confident and assertive: live the banner of the opposition, last hope kreklow, the leader of the government in exile. At the London press conference from the podium spoke stammering, but nevertheless seeking to seem convincing people that resembled chess first, wishing with all their strength to save the lost party.

Throughout the speech, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, impetuous and clumsy lying, which, however, is not surprising. It is enough to remember this since getting a promise not to engage in politics. No sooner had the clang to shut the gate area, leaving behind a barking guard dogs and the shouts of the guards, as Khodorkovsky began for the salvation of the ungrateful Motherland. And to give his mission dramatic, with fanfare left the country, settling in Switzerland», – stated in the material.

«But the talent scale swindler Khodorkovsky is not lost. It turns out that we live in the country, on the spot struck down by the constitutional coup and isolated from the civilized world, we are seeking by all means to help,» the author continues.

The Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the eve of his visit to Rome gave an interview to the Italian media. «Komsomolskaya Pravda» leads the most interesting parts of his speech.

«We know that Americans now drive about in all the capitals of Europe and demand that after a few days, when the European Council will meet, the sanctions were extended without any debate. By the way, the European sanctions were imposed to a great extent on demand of the USA. Joe Biden in his time boasted that it was American initiative, and the Americans have «bent» the European Union. This is the decision we do not comment on. We deeply regret» – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

«Pathetic salesman» and «large-scale speculator» Khodorkovsky. Review of the Russian media 10.12.2015

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