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Pending the vote on the funding of medicines, life-saving

The Ministerial Committee on legislation was postponed for two months the debate of the bill the Deputy from NDI Sofa Landwehr, binding the HMO to pay for expensive devices to seriously ill people who have additional insurance.

The press service of the NDI recalled that such drugs were paid previously, but in 2008 the law on the regulation of the national economy had abolished the funding for this line item. Currently the health insurance Fund refuses to provide expensive drugs to patients at a discount or for free, although they continue on a monthly basis to pay for additional insurance.

Last week, at a meeting of the parliamentary Commission on health, labor and welfare, Minister of health Yaakov litzman agreed that it is necessary to adopt a law on the financing of the sick funds medicines, saving people’s lives. But the Ministerial Committee on legislation ignored the need to adopt such a law and has postponed a vote on the bill Sofa Landwehr. The press service of the NDI recalls that after 2 months will begin the parliamentary vacation.

«In fact, today the Ministerial Committee on legislation signed a death warrant for thousands of seriously ill people. The cost of new drugs that can save or prolong the lives of these people for them, absolutely can not afford: tens of thousands of shekels for one drug. The people fighting for their lives are forced to wait months for donations (in best case), to take out loans from a Bank, and sometimes to sell apartments. They wait for no one. For years these people have paid into the health insurance Fund, additional insurance, in the hope that when they need assistance, they can count on. In reality, the state has abandoned them to their fate, and the health insurance Fund free of charge give only aspirin and tablets for cholesterol. I intend to raise this bill at the plenary session of the Knesset this coming Wednesday, March 2, and we hope that MPs will be guided by in voting no coalition discipline, and his conscience. There is no value more important than human life,» said Sofa Landwehr.

Pending the vote on the funding of medicines, life-saving 28.02.2016

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