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Pew Research Center: the trump rated inferior to Obama everywhere except Russia and Israel

American research organization Pew Research Center has published 26 Jun data about the attitude of Donald Trump in the world after his inauguration as US President. This information was published at the end of the first half of the reign of the 45th American President.

In total, from February 16 to may 8, were interviewed 40.447 respondents in 37 countries.

The researchers noted a sharp decline in the credibility of Trump during the first months of his tenure – in countries traditionally considered allies of the US, as well as in neighboring Canada and Mexico.

It is particularly noted that the rating of Donald trump at the initial stage is higher than the rating of Barack Obama in recent months of government, only two countries – Russia and Israel.

On average, under Obama about positive attitude towards US said 64% of respondents, now – 49%.

The publication is a table of answers to the question «how Confident are you that the President of the United States properly acts on the world stage?» It shows the distribution of votes for countries which had supported Barack Obama in the last period of government and what kind of support gets Donald trump now. In Russia, only 11% supported Obama’s policies, and 53% support the policy of trump. In Israel, Obama was happy with 49%, trump 56%.

But in all other countries surveyed, respondents were more sympathetic to Obama’s politics than trump. Especially notable is the gap in countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, France, Spain, Canada, UK, Australia and Japan. The lowest ranking trump, for good reason, in Mexico, but the Mexicans did not like Obama.

It is noteworthy that surveys have not been conducted in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, where, most likely, the ranking of trump would be relatively high. Not in the data table and for any other country of the former USSR except Russia.

Pew Research Center notes that the rating of the trump in the world like the rating
George W. Bush, who was unpopular in most countries of the world.

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Pew Research Center: the trump rated inferior to Obama everywhere except Russia and Israel 27.06.2017

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