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PFLP accuses PA of collaborating with Israel in «murder in Bulgaria»

Palestinian Ambassador to Bulgaria Ahmad al-Madbouh stated that on the body of the former militant «Popular front for the liberation of Palestine» by Omar Nayef, Zaid Hassan (52) there was no gunshot or stab wounds and signs of shock.

Appeared on the eve of yet officially unconfirmed information that Zaid could have fallen from the fourth floor of the Embassy building.

Ahmad al-Madbouh meanwhile said that the Embassy for several years without protection and not have cameras, so it is difficult to establish the exact circumstances of the death of Zaid.

The victim’s family reported that Embassy officials demanded that Zaid to leave the territory of the diplomatic mission, where he took refuge to avoid deportation.

Relatives and PFLP accused the Palestinian authority of involvement in the killing of Zaid, while Hamas demanded the dismissal of the Ambassador to Bulgaria.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) yesterday accused the Israeli secret services in the destruction of Zaid and formed a Commission of inquiry to investigate his death.

Umar Naif Saeed was sentenced for the murder of a yeshiva student in Jerusalem in 1986. In 1990 he was admitted to hospital in Bethlehem and managed to escape from there. Zaid changed several Arab countries, and in 1994 moved to Bulgaria. In 2015, Israel requested his extradition, the Bulgarian authorities decided to satisfy the request, and then Zaid took refuge in the Embassy PA.

PFLP accuses PA of collaborating with Israel in «murder in Bulgaria» 27.02.2016

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