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Philippine killer claims that the President Duterte «ordered» their opponents

During the hearings, held this week in the Senate of the Philippines, a former contract killer named Edgar Matobato talked about the relations with President Rodrigo Duterte in the period when he held the post of mayor of Davao city.

About it writes on Thursday, September 15, the newspaper Asian Correspondent.

Matobato, a member of the so-called «death squad Davao city,» argued that the future President personally instructed him and the other assassins, and «ordered» the criminals and political opponents. Victims of extrajudicial killings and criminal symbiosis of thousands of citizens.

In particular, by order of Duarte was allegedly killed by four of the assistant to the former speaker of the Senate Prospero Nograles. In his testimony Matobato revealed bloody details of the murder: he claims that the victims were eviscerated, their bodies filled with stones and thrown into water.

Representatives of administration of the President of the Philippines denied the allegations, and the son Nograles, which is in the Senate Davao, said that one of the guards and helpers of the father did not die.

We will remind that the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte took office on June 30, promising the citizens to destroy the drug trade in the country by any means. During the election campaign Duterte called on to kill drug dealers, threatening to kill their own children if they test the drugs.

Two months of his presidency in the course of extrajudicial killings were killed more than two thousands of alleged addicts and traffickers. Duterte the campaign drew criticism from the opposition, which accused the President of creating an atmosphere of fear.

In August of this year, the UN experts on human rights condemned the methods of the Filipino police, who are increasingly using firearms during the arrest of drug dealers, killing many of them.

Duterte claimed that the UN experts are busy not what to do, «worrying about the pile of bones of criminals». Representatives of the UN, accusing the government of the Philippines in violation of human rights, he called «fools». The President recalled that discussions are under way on the creation of the organization, an alternative to the UN, which could include China and other countries.

According to the UN, since joining Duterte as President of the Philippines in this country has killed about 900 people involved in the drug trade. In many cases, experts say, the suspects were killed during the arrest.

Rodrigo duterte known for the scandalous statements and using strong language in their political speeches. The President of the Philippines called the head of the Roman Catholic Church of Francis «son of a bitch», but later sent the Pontiff apologize in writing. On one of the campaign rallies Duterte promised to burn the flag of Singapore.

Recently, the definition of «son of a bitch» had been used against the U.S. Ambassador, Philip Goldberg, whom Duterte often called «an Ambassador is gay.» The Philippine President announced the American Ambassador as his personal enemy after Goldberg was outraged by the joke Duterte about the brutal rape and murder of the Australian missionary during a prison riot in Davao city in 1989. The President then said: the woman was so beautiful that he had to rape her first.

After Duterte said that Barack Obama has no right to ask him about the illegal killings, and called the American leader «son of a bitch» and threatened to «pour», the White house canceled a meeting with this politician.

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Philippine killer claims that the President Duterte «ordered» their opponents 15.09.2016

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