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Philippine President takes the military responsibility for the killing of civilians

Rodrigo duterte the promised military personnel of the government troops that would free them from prosecution for the unintentional killing of civilians during fighting with insurgents, which equals to Islamic state terrorists who tried to seize control of the city of Marawi, located in the South of the country.

About it writes on Wednesday, June 28, the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

During a televised speech Duterte ordered his men ruthlessly to destroy the Islamists who attack Marawi, and «doubts», if you can hurt civilians: «it is citizens – to run or to seek shelter».

«My command is this: if you see an armed man, and he is neither a soldier nor a policeman, kill him, or else he’ll kill you,» – leads edition of the words of the President.

He also promised to further toughen the measures and to impose martial law on the entire territory of the country, changing this for laws and conducting arrests without warrant

We will remind that on may 23 during the bloody battle for the city, killed more than 400 people – fighters and civilians. On Wednesday, search teams discovered another 17 bodies, mainly local residents.

Duterte declared martial law on the island of Mindanao, after hundreds of militants stormed in Marawi, populated predominantly by Muslims, burned a lot of buildings had set up their checkpoints, took hostage a Catholic priest, and 14 members of the Church and lifted above the city, black flags of ISIS. Thousands of civilians fled the city.

Philippine President takes the military responsibility for the killing of civilians 28.06.2017

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