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Physics of LIGO officially confirmed the existence of gravitational waves

Physicists of the international collaboration LIGO officially announced the discovery of gravitational waves by means of the same detector of the interferometer, which, as scientists believe, were caused during the merger of black holes.

About it write on Thursday, 11 February, foreign media and, in particular, news Agency RIA Novosti citing a report by scientists at the meeting in Washington press conference.

In October last year, the Internet began to spread rumors that the gravitational wave «folds» the fabric of space-time, predicted by the General theory of relativity, have been detected by the LIGO detector. Initially the leadership of gravitational Observatory denied this fact, and some physicists believed that the wave was found to be «spreading» to test the vigilance of scientists.

Today, the collaboration confirmed these rumors at three press conferences held in Moscow, Washington and Pisa. All results underwent a rigorous inspection and are accurate from a scientific point of view.


LIGO – laser interferometer gravitational-wave Observatory. The project was proposed in 1992 by Kip Thorne, Ronald Driveron the California Institute of technology and Rainer Weiss of mit. The project is funded by the U.S. National science Foundation. This project, valued at 365 million dollars, is among the most ambitious ever funded from this Fund.

The international LIGO scientific community is a growing group of researchers: about 40 research institutes and 600 independent scientists, working on analysis of data from LIGO and other observatories

Physics of LIGO officially confirmed the existence of gravitational waves 12.02.2016

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