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Plastic surgery has a negative effect on sexual life: revelations of TV stars

37-year-old Alicia Duvall, model and star of British TV show made in the last 20 years about 350 cosmetic surgeries and procedures in an interview with The Sun admitted that excessive cosmetic improvement of the body had a negative impact on her sex life.

In total, Duvall has spent on plastic surgery and procedures more than 1.5 million pounds, and now speaks of the suffering experienced, primarily because of the implants with which she changed the shape of the buttocks when she was 24 years old. According to Alicia, these implants began to leak, because of this she tries not to sit longer than 15-20 minutes so can’t go to the theatre or the cinema or to a concert, not long to go in the car, etc.

Duval says that problems with breast implants and other «transformations» have strongly influenced her sexual life and now she can’t afford much of what they could afford before in bed. She says she only now realized the obvious: cosmetic changes of the body «to look and not to touch».

TV star admits that becoming dependent on cosmetic surgery, which became her habit, which she can not refuse.

Alicia has two daughters – the eldest 21 years, the youngest five years. The eldest daughter insisted that the mother removed the implants from the buttocks to avoid serious health problems. But judging by an interview with The Sun, Duval afraid to take this step, which will be deprived of its visual appeal.

While Alicia Duvall stresses that will never allow my daughters to go under the knife of plastic surgeons.

Experts in the field of cosmetic surgery point out that in this case we are really talking about excessive interest in the changes of his body. And replacement of the implants in this state of body is extremely difficult.

Plastic surgery has a negative effect on sexual life: revelations of TV stars 03.01.2017

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