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Police advises right-wing activists not to protest against the «pride Parade»

Before the «pride Parade» which will take place on 9 June in tel Aviv, police and right-wing activists to refrain from protests during the event, said the Tenth channel ITV.

According to published information, the police carried out telephone conversations with right-wing activists, figuring out whether they intend to protest against the «pride Parade». In some cases, activists call for talks in the police Department.

The tenth channel has published the transcript of the police with Th., a resident of Petah Tikva, who was interviewed by telephone a representative of the police trying to figure out whether. to take part in protests against the «pride Parade». During the telephone conversation, the police hinted., that fact should not take part in demonstrations and to disrupt the parade. «This week is «pride Parade», and I wouldn’t want to due to their right beliefs you…» — says the policeman. Only after it was convinced that. does not intend to hold a meeting, police canceled the «invitation» to talk to the police Department of the city.

Himself. said that never protested against «pride parades», but for the second time received a similar call from the police.
The boys lawyer Itamar Ben Gvir stated that, in his opinion, the police in their action exceeds all limits. «We gradually cease to be a democratic state. The police calling and comes in a house of young people, requiring them to refuse to participate in demonstrations? What country are we living in?» – commented on the police action lawyer.

The press service of law enforcement issued the following comment: «the Task of the Israel police is to maintain law and order and protection of citizens. The function of the police in a democratic society – the right of citizens to Express their opinions and protest in accordance with the law, provided that it does not infringe on the rights of demonstrations by people who hold a different opinion. In an effort to ensure the realization of these rights, the police struggling with the incitement, violence, and violations of public order. The police resorted to open and covert action in the framework of the law. Despite unfounded claims that these actions do not infringe on anyone’s rights to free speech, but on the contrary contribute to their implementation.»

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Police advises right-wing activists not to protest against the «pride Parade» 08.06.2017

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